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Powerlift of Michigan

Powerlift Hydraulic Doors is the largest hydraulic door manufacturer in North America and has been manufacturing and installing hydraulic doors for over twenty years. Thousands of installed doors attest to the expertise and experience of the PowerLift Company. And NOW, Powerlift Doors has come to Michigan at PowerLift of Michigan (Blatt Steel & Supply) located in the heart of the thumb area, the beautiful town of Marlette! Blatt Steel has served the community and surrounding area for over 20 years and are very excited to build and install PowerLift Doors.

We will design a door especially for your preexisting or new building. We use the thickest tube materials for strength and insulation, heavy industrial components, innovative technology and lifetime self-lubricating bearings for zero maintenance, and these are just the beginning of what positions PowerLift of Michigan as the industry leader.

With PowerLift Doors you will enjoy MINIMUM HEADROOM LOSS which equates to less building costs. PowerLift doors have an integral frame and can be positioned directly to the roof, openings can be expanded or new building structures can be condensed to obtain building cost savings.

PowerLift Doors operate twice as fast as most bi-fold doors and three times faster than bottom rolling door types and SEAL TIGHTLY!

With everyone’s safety of utmost importance, multiple standard safety features are incorporated in every door. Additional options are also available.


PowerLift of Michigan will be with you for every step of the process, professionally measuring, designing, fabricating and most important, installing your brand new door!

We will custom design your new door, up to 80’ by 24’, fit it exactly to your milking parlor, farm building, machine shop, airplane hangar, industrial, residential or commercial structures.

Powerlift of Michigan serves the entire state of Michigan, both the Upper and Lower Peninsula.

Please call or email us today for a professional quote or for more information. 989-635-8017 or